About Equipment Financing

Equipment financing provides business owners with a solution to finance the full cost of both brand new and used equipment needed for their business! Everything from machinery and tools to vehicles, computers and more! Equipment financing loans are self secured, so the equipment itself serves as collateral, and the application process is simple, requiring very little paperwork!


  • Self Secured – Equipment serves as collateral
  • Funding is fast
  • Application process is easy – limited paperwork


  • Equipment can become useless or stop working before the loan is repaid

Equipment Financing - Quick Facts

Equipment financing is a great solution for businesses who need equipment to run their operation but don’t have the capital upfront to make the purchase.  Funding amounts cover 100% of the cost of the new or used equipment being purchased. Repayment terms vary based on the life expectancy of the equipment, but terms typically cap at 10 years. Rates range anywhere from 5% – 25%, and if approved you can be funded in as little as 24 – 48 hours!

Funding Amounts

100% of Equipment Cost

Time to Fund

24 – 48 Hours


Average life expectancy of equipment (not exceeding 10 years)


5% – 25%

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Equipment Financing Highlights

Here are some highlight features of Equipment Financing

Equipment Serves as Collateral

Equipment financing is self-secured, meaning, the equipment you finance will serve as collateral.

Fast Funding

You can receive funds to make your equipment purchases in as little as 1 -2 days!

Limited Paperwork

The equipment financing application process is simple and requires little paperwork!

Wide Range of Uses

Equipment financing can be used to finance a wide range of equipment. Anything from vehicles to computers!